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For the ultimate Dbol review, you've come to the right place; finally, you're going to know which brands to choose and which ones to run from like you're life depends on it. Right off the bat, we can go ahead and tell you there are only three brands of Dianabol you're going to want more so than any other, and most underground versions should be avoided. The numerous underground versions won't necessarily be dangerous, but they can often be a waste of your money; there are exceptions. While true, unlike many Dbol reviews, we're not going to promote any of these brands; we're simply going to state what's been found to be true; nothing less and certainly nothing more.

Dbol Reviews of the Best of the Best:

On the basis of potency, accurate dosing, purity and being everything Dianabol is supposed to be there are three worthy brands that should be your top choices each and every time. Before we dive into those, we must make mention of Bionabol, the Dianabol tab manufactured by Balkanpharma out of Bulgaria. This is a Dbol tab that is top of the line, as good as it gets; however, it hasn't be manufactured since 2005, and any left on the market has long since expired. The reason we're bringing this up in a current Dbol review is because a lot of suppliers still purport to sell it; they're lying to your face. They're selling you Dianabol that's been expired at least since 2009 or more than likely just slapping a Bionabol label on whatever it is they're giving you. As this is the case, our Dbol review has found the following brands to be your top choices:

Test 600x Brand Name Manufacturer Country Anabol British Dispensary Thailand Methandrostenolone Akrihin Russia Naposim Terapia Romania

Dbol Prices by Brand:

Of the three, Anabol and Naposim will be the easiest for most of you to get; both are carried by numerous suppliers and at a very affordable rate. The Russian brand, which is simply labeled as the steroid's actual hormonal name is often fairly expensive and not too many suppliers carry it outside of the greater Russia area. Absolutely, you can find it if you do a little digging, and while it's going to cost you a little more it will be a fantastic and powerful product.

Dbol Reviews of the Worst of the Worst:

When it comes to the brands that didn't meet the high standards of this Dbol review, they did not find themselves lacking due to impurity or contamination; these brands are found lacking based on dosing or being outright counterfeits. Of the worst, there is almost none as bad as the large dose capsules made by IP. These 50mg capsules have been found to be almost never dosed accurately; in-fact, they'll rarely have half of the supposed dose and often less. Numerous other underground labs have been found to hold to a similar problem; too many to list. Asia Pharma has been a high suspect for a while as have many of the large based open internet suppliers. All we can tell you, if you choose to go with one of these massive labs, you better put in the time as it pertains to researching the lab out or you will fall pretty to a horrific purchase.


While this isn't the only Dbol review you'll come across, we must stress how cautious you'll need to be with other reviews. Many Dbol reviews are provided by underground manufactures; they may appear to be independent, but if you read closely you'll find a specific lab and only a specific lab is being promoted. In most cases, these Dbol reviews will be absolute garbage, and caution is advised. Further, when it comes to underground Dbol reviews, you are encouraged each and every year to seek out William Llewellyn's yearly published anabolics book that will detail the current state of all the known underground labs on the market. While a lab may be up to standards one year, the very next it could fall to the wayside, and this is something you'll want to stay on top of if you are to continue making quality purchases.