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You've reached your off-season and you're ready for a new phase of growth; maybe this is your first cycle and you simply want to add some mass; if this is the case, it's time to buy Dbol. Maybe mass isn't a concern; if a little occurs that's fine by you, but you're more interested in strength, and you need a rapid increase now. If this is the case, once again it's time to buy Dbol. Dianabol truly is one of the more remarkable steroids we have; while a rather simple compound to understand as you can see from the profile page, it is pure performance enhancement compressed into a little tab. Of course, like many, you may not be sure which brand of Dbol to purchase; a simple glance at the Dbol review link will show you our top three recommendations include Anabol by British Dispensary, Naposim by Terapia and of course, Methandrostenolone by Akrihin. These are your top choices, but there are also many underground labs out there who make a quality product; however, they are severely outnumbered by those who under-dose.

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Making a Purchase:

If you decide to buy Dbol and you have a trusted supplier in mind, there is something you need to understand in-regards to the law. If you live in the United States, such a purchase is a violation of the Steroid Control Act; legislation enacted in 1990 and later enhanced in 2004. Under this legislation, in-order to buy Dbol or any anabolic androgenic steroid legally you need a prescription, and as Dianabol is not prescribed in the United States there is no such thing as a legal purchase. For the U.S. based performance enhancer, this means he will be putting himself at risk when he makes such a purchase, and the resulting consequences if you are caught can be devastating. Fines, a felony record and even prison time are all possibilities, and you must be aware of and weigh such consequences thoroughly before you ever decide to make such a purchase.

On the flip side, while some countries carry laws just as or at least pretty close to the strict nature of the U.S., many do not. In some countries, you can buy all the anabolic steroids you want anywhere you want, and in others, while you cannot legally make a purchase on the black market you can do so at the pharmacy without a prescription. Based on this fact and the fact that the U.S. government has in many ways labeled anabolic steroids as public enemy number one, if you want to buy Dbol your best bet is to do so outside of the U.S., and you better not bring it back or you are again violating the same legislation.

When to Buy Dbol:

The best time to buy Dbol will always be for off-season or bulking cycles; in-fact, this is the most common point of use. This shouldn't come as a surprise as this is a premier mass promoting steroid, and not only promotion, but at a rapid rate. For this purpose, most will find the beginning a cycle to kick things off to be the best time to supplement; however, mid-cycle use is also a fantastic time in-order to break through a sticking point. While the bulking phase is the most common reason to buy Dbol, another excellent time is for athletic enhancement; in-fact, this is the very reason this steroid was brought to the market place by Ciba in the late 1950's. As it will with mass, Dianabol will promote increases in strength rapidly and dramatically, and for a performance athlete, in many cases, strength is what separates the average from a champion. These are the best two times to buy Dbol, and while it can be used in a cutting cycle it's normally not recommended. Some competitive bodybuilders may find an advantage during the front half of the diet as it will help maintain strength and a level of fullness, but there are normally better options for your cutting needs.


When you buy Dbol, as this is normally an added steroid to an already well-planned stack you need to know what else to add to it. Those who buy Dbol for off-season gains will find testosterone to be the primary addition with the possibility of a Nandrolone compound like Deca-Durabolin; in-fact, the Dianabol/Testosterone/Deca-Durabolin stack is one of the oldest and long standing favorites of many; it may be the most popular and effective off-season stack of all time. Beyond additional steroids, it's a good idea to purchase an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) such as Anastrozole (Arimidex) or Letrozole (Femara). AI's will, as can be seen in the side-effect section, combat the side-effects of the Dianabol steroid as they are estrogen based due to this steroid's aromatizing nature.